JOSHUA RAOUL BRODY: Whimsical ad copy


You need music.

Ed Bogas is too expensive. earwax is too busy.

Who can you call?


"Well, yeah, but she's got the flu. Who else? No, he's tied up for a month adding sound effects to an NPR piece. What about- oh, right; they moved to LA last March. There's gotta be somebody"

You could call me.

"J. Raoul Brody - isn't he the guy that accompanies all those comedians?"

I've been doing scoring jobs for the last ten years, doing commercials with Doug McKechnie at SoundTracks, multimedia with Bob Davis and Ed Herrmann at Audible Difference (check out Purple Moon's new CD-ROM, Secret Paths In The Forest), and all sorts of projects in my own studio.

"J. Raoul Brody - he's got that band that does all the dumb songs, The STUPEDS."

I've scored many commercials and PSAs, including a 60-second spot for Charles M. Schwab & Co.

"J. Raoul Brody - all skinny guy, right? From the improv group, whaddyacallit, Pulp Fiction"

You're probably thinking of True Fiction Magazine, formerly Pulp Playhouse, and yes, I've been improvising live theater scores for over two decades, enabling me to sketch musical ideas for you right at our first meeting, then turn around a finished product quickly.

"J. Raoul Brody - wasn't his name on a Residents album? Gee, maybe he knows who they are"

I scored the camp sci-fi epic feature, Vegas in Space, and both seasons of "Winter Steele" for MTV's Liquid TV.

"J. Raoul Brody - he does all that theater stuff."

OK, I've done artsy sound designs for plays all over the Bay Area, and I even wrote an opera (with Merle "Ian Shoales" Kessler), but I wallow quite happily in straight commercial styles.

"Rick & Ruby? Bob Geldof? Duck's Breath Mystery Theater? A Robin Williams tour and Mork & Mindy? Club Foot? Those Darn Accordions!? Jeeze, is there anything this guy doesn't do?"


"Nina Hagen AND Florence Henderson ?"

Not at the same time.

"J. Raoul Brody. Well, I guess he's versatile enough, but we need a seasoned pro for this one."

If I were any more seasoned I'd be a cajun entrée. Let me know if you want to see a blissfully short demo reel, or give me the specs for your project and I'll put together a cassette of relevant stuff.


He's good, versatile, quick, and cheap.

Occasionally all at the same time.


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