JOSHUA RAOUL BRODY: The critics rave!

musician about town, seemed to back up every comic show worth catching. - SF Examiner

His schedule is a primer on what's new in San Francisco comedy and theatre. - SF Music Calendar

Brody is The Man, in the sense that Edward G. Robinson was The Man in "The Cincinnatti Kid." Some whippersnapper ironist arrived in town, looking to muscle in on the songwriter-bandleader-parodist-emcee-keyboardist-eminence-grise territory and everyone says, whoa, babe, have you checked out Joshua yet?
And then the kid catches his act, and then the kid goes back to Stockton. - Jon Carroll, SF

[Brody's] presence virtually guarantees pop culture irony - SF Bay Guardian

If the Bay Area had a house band, its name would be J. Raoul Brody - Contra Costa Times

rent-a-legend - East Bay Express


The STUPEDS: The Dumb Songs Festival

Raoul is a marvelous pianist (he has to be on Erle's collapsing grand) and a bright, mellow comic. - Philip Elwood, SF Examiner

...the simple fact that the STUPEDS, led by keyboardist J. Raoul Brody, were doing a remarkable job of covering an enormous range of styles. - LA Times


True Fiction Magazine/Pulp Playhouse

Complementing the fine ensemble work are the musical accompaniment and sound effects, which are exquisitely timed, selected and performed by musical director J. Raoul Brody - LA Weekly

Special mention must be made of the vocal improvising of Scott with the able support of keyboardist Brody. The pair are able to come up with melodic theme or title songs at the drop of a line. - Daily Variety

The rapport between these performers and the subtle keyboardist who accompanied them was impressive as they crafted a story out of the title ‘My Ass.’ - The [Berkeley]Weekly Review


BATS Improv

Another bright spot is Music Director Joshua Raoul Brody, who plays keyboards along with the show, complete with great sound effects and timely tunes. I was amazed at how he could play songs on the spot that were directly related to the action on stage. A good improv show needs a guy like Brody to keep it moving along and Joshua was magnificent. - Ed Attanasio,


Merle Kessler: Ian Shoales in "Table For Two"

Brody, as always, provides expert accompaniment, contributing his own deft comic touches with sampled sound effects and musical quips, as well as a funny sales pitch for an album of TV sales pitches. - SF Examiner


Overtone Industries/Merle Kessler: Goddess of the Hunt

J. Raoul Brody's music captures the wistful melancholy of an impossible situation. - Drama-Logue


Fratelli Bologna/Merle Kessler: Ubu's in America

J. Raoul Brody's expectedly witty one-man-orchestra score (he also essays various "dramatic" parts to deadpan effect) also make significant contributions. - SF Bay Guardian


Laurie Amat: Out of Hiding

The keynote of the evening is set by the opening "Sing-Along" - an arrangement by Brody of a song that was "a big hit for Jimi Hendrix in 1969". This version of the national anthem is rewritten to render its notoriously wide span of notes more manageable; whenever the pitch begins to jump, Brody changes the key - plunging anyone foolish enough to try to sing along into the musical equivalent of quicksand. ... And there are satires of experimental abstractions - like Brody's "Sampler Solo," in which he takes a single spoken sentence, chops it up and feeds it to his Casio. (It's what the sentence is, and how he rings its changes in rhythm and pitch, that's hilarious.) - SF Examiner


Blake St. Hawkeyes/David Schein: Reverence for the Dead (Bay Area Critics' Circle nomination for best score)

Brody's supple score, which shifts gears from a kind of lizardy lounge act sound to Springsteenish frenzies, amplifies Ozball's progress. - SF Chronicle


A Karen Carpenter Christmas

...and plain ol' silliness. Highlights in the latter category include Brody's howling attempts at Chipmunky harmonies during "Sing" - Oakland Tribune


The Residents: Cube-E

A questo progetto partecipa Joshua Brody, uno degli attuali collaboratori dei Residents; anch'egli di San Francisco, è musicista dalle solide basi classiche (ha studiato pianoforte e composizione). La sua attenzione nei riguardi dell'aspetto compositivo lo porta in passato ad avviare un progetto di rielaborazione in chiave ironica di famose canzoni pop degli anni Sessanta/Settanta, in collabora-zione con altri musicisti californiani, sotto il nome di "The STUPEDS". Suona come pianista nel tour di Snakefinger "The History of blues" di cui viene pubblicato un estratto su disco nel 1984 - Strumenti Musicali


Overtone Industries/Kathleen Cramer: It's a Pretty Good Life (Miles Playhouse, LA) — composer

Brody's darkly philosophical songs belong in some other musical. - LA Weekly


The Residents: Sam's Enchanted Evening

Originally performed by Rose with a string quartet one night last year at the Berkeley Art Museum, "Sam's" is now a duet for Rose and a pianist-music director (the reliably excellent Joshua Raoul Brody).... Rose and Brody bring "Sam's" to a potent climax. - Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

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