Joshua Raoul Brody

selected career highlights



Music for Film/Television/Interactive Media

feature films:

2003 Mission Movie (Lise Swenson, director) - composer, music coordinator

1999 Suckerfish (Brien Burroughs, director) - co-composer

1997 Bernaltown (Gregory Gavin, director) - composer

1994 The Warm, Wet Spots [despite the lurid title, it's an educational film] (Ruby Unger-Peterson, producer) - composer

1993 Rising Sun (Phil Kaufman, director) - pianist

1992 Shelf Life (Paul Bartel, director) - co-composer

1991 Vegas In Space (Fish/Ford Films, dist. by Troma) - principal composer [with T. Spence, R. Fischer, Bob Davis, and earwax productions]

1990 Martians Go Home (David Odell, director) - arranger; actor, musician [with Theee STUPEDS]



2002 Orley After Dark (pilot) - theme composer

2001 Sexy Urban Legends (Playboy Channel) - composer

1995 The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat (CBS) - accordionist

1991-93 Winter Steele (part of MTV's Liquid TV; Tim Boxell, director; Cintra Wilson, writer) - composer

1989 commercials for Charles M. Schwab, Northern Bright, et al. [with Doug McKechnie]


computer games/interactive media:

1999 Tiny Tank (And Now, producer) - songs [with Merle Kessler]

1997 Secret Paths In The Forest (Purple Moon, producer) - music, sound design, voice editing [with Bob Davis]

1997 Planet Dexter's Grossology (Segasoft, producer) - songs [with Merle Kessler]

1992 Apple Performa orientation and boot-up logo (Pineapple USA, producer) - all audio [with Bob Davis]

1992 Tales of the World (Pineapple USA, producer) - composer/sound designer [with Bob Davis]


Theatrical Composer/Sound Designer

2011 The Islanders (Theater Artaud, France tour; produced by Word For Word) - sound design, musical director

2008 Tom Smith / Ancestors (Word For Word) - sound design, musical director

2007 Strangers We Know (Magic Theater, Julia Morgan Theater, France tour; produced by Word For Word) - sound design, musical director

2006 4 Adverbs (Theater Artaud; stories by Daniel Handler, produced by Word For Word) - sound design, musical director

2003 Windows and Mirrors (produced by A Traveling Jewish Theater & Word For Word) - sound design, musical director

with Merle Kessler as Ian Shoales:

2007-8 Slouching Towards Disneyland (The Marsh, SF and other venues) - composer, co-star

2003-4 Broke! - Based On A True Story (The Marsh, SF) - composer, co-star

1996 Rage To Rent (The Marsh, SF) - composer, co-star

1993 Roadkill on the Information Highway (The Marsh, SF) - composer, co-star

1992 Don't Even Think of Parking Here (The Marsh, SF) - composer, co-star

1987 Table For Two (Eureka Theater, SF; national tour) - composer, co-star

1986 Table For One (One-Act Theater, SF; Dance Theatre Workshop, NY) - composer, co-star

1998 Josh Kornbluth in Ben Franklin Unplugged - solo performance (David Dower, dir.) - sound design

1998 It's a Pretty Good Life - Kathleen Cramer/Overtone Industries (Actors' Gang, LA) - composer

with Marga Gomez:

1998 Pretty, Witty and Gay (international tours) - sound design

1995 A Line Around the Block (international tours) - sound design

1995 Hitting for the Cycle - David Dower, dir./Bay Package, producer (Magic Theater, SF; Chicago; New Jersey) -composer, sound design

1995 Ubu's In America - Merle Kessler/Fratelli Bologna (Bayfront Theater, SF) - composer, actor

1994 Virtually Yours, beta 1.0 - Kate Bornstein (national tour) - sound design

Goddess of the Hunt (Merle Kessler, librettist) - composer, musical director

1997 Carnegie Hall, NYC (excerpts)

1995 The Met , LA

1993 The Marsh, SF

1991 Life On The Water, SF

1988 Standard of the Breed - John Steppling (Cast Theatre, LA) - composer [with Don Preston]


Musical Director/Accompanist

2008-2011 The Residents Sam's Enchanted Evening (Berkeley Art Mus., The Marsh, Abrons Art Center (NY))

2010 Staying New (a/k/a Sex Tapes for Seniors) (Victoria Theater)

2007 Marga Gomez Mondays at the Plush Room

2006 Nero: Another Golden Rome (by Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik, Magic Theater)

2000-present Three For All - improvised narratives (San Francisco, Los Angeles)

1994-present True Fiction Magazine - improvised narratives (SF, LA, Finland)

1988-1994 Pulp Playhouse - Brian Lohmann, director - improvised pulp stories (SF, Seattle, Los Angeles, HBO Aspen Comedy Festival)

1984-90 Weber Family Christmas, To Get To The Other Side, Gorilla Theatre - Fratelli Bologna (Climate, Life On The Water, Bayfront, Magic)

1986-present Bay Area TheatreSports - improv games and long-forms (New Performance Gallery, New Conservatory Theater, Bayfront)

1988-94 Johnny Lonely's Unhappy Hour - depressing lounge act (San Francisco, London)

1987 Tintypes - Kyte, Marvin & Pearle (San Jose Repertory Theatre)

1986 Reverence for the Dead (David Schein, Blake St. Hawkeyes) - also co-composer

1985 Love in the Third Degree (Magic Theater, SF; New Dramatists Guild, New York)

1983-present San Francisco Comedy Celebration Day

1979 Robin Williams - U.S. tour, et al.

1978-present Duck's Breath Mystery Theater - displaced mid-Westerners

1977-1982 (and intermittently since then) The Rick & Ruby Show

1974-1977 The Pointless Sisters - comical musedy



2002 Smoke x 7 (Theater St. Boniface; Tenderloin Opera Company, executive producer) - composer, producer

2000-present BATS long-form improvisational theater, including An Improvised Elvis Movie and Office Xmas Party

1987-present An Evening of Song - a showcase for anyone who wants to sing (Noe Valley Ministry, Theater St. Boniface)

1983 Comedians Sing for Disability Rights

1980-present The Society To Undertake the Preservation of Endangered Dumb Songs (Theee STUPEDS) /The Dumb Songs Festival

1979-present Rick & Ruby's Last Prom


Other Theater Work

1992-2001 A Karen Carpenter Christmas - Morey Goldstein & Tom Ross (Marsh) - musician, actor, associate musical director

1986 Rapmaster Ronnie - Gary Trudeau & Elizabeth Swados (Music Hall Theater, SF) - musician

1985 Deer Rose - Tony Pellegrino (Theatre on the Square) - musician


Television Appearances

1989 Joe Franklin

1981 Mork & Mindy (episode #68, March 26, 1981)
1980 Evening at the Improv
1980 HBO Young Comedians
1980 PBS Comedy Tonight
1980 Merv Griffin
1980 Mike Douglas
1980 Entertainment Tonight
1980 Don Kirschner's Rock Concert
1981 Fridays
1982 Billy Crystal
1978 Maria Manhattan's The Box Lunch
1960 Johnny Jellybean


Radio Appearances

2008-present Philosophy Talk (NPR) - composer, accompanist

1994-present West Coast Weekend/West Coast Live - frequent guest, occasional house pianist

1989 Dr. Science vs. The Sea Monkeys From Space - Dan Coffey (Duck's Breath Homemade Radio/NPR) - composer

1989 Marc & Mars - Merle & Mary Kessler (Duck's Breath/APR) - composer, musician, writer, actor

1990 Dr. Demento ("Dice", "Dr. Demento") [with Rick Right]




2004 Broke! - original cast recording

1999 The Whistleaires - 120 Christmas Favorites (Whirl)

1998 True Fiction Magazine - On The Radio, 1994-97



Tango No. 9 (Spillhouse):

2011 Live at the Columbarium

2007 Here Live No Fish

2006 Radio Valencia

2001 All Them Cats in Recoleta

Big LouŐs Casserole (Accordion Princess):

2011 Big Lou's Back

2007 Doctors of Polka-ology

2004 Dogs Playing Polka

2001 Big Lou's Polka Casserole (reissued on Cleveland International)

1998 Orchestra Nostalgico - Club Foot Orchestra plays Music of Nino Rota (Rastascan)

The Residents:

2008 The Bunny Boy (Santa Dog/Mute)

1990/2006 Cube-E (Enigma/Ralph)

1987 "Hit the Road, Jack" (Ralph)

1985 The Big Bubble (Ralph)

1984 George and James / American Composers Series, Vol. I (Ralph)

1982 Intermission (Ralph)

1976 "Satisfaction" (Ralph)

2011 Sean O'Brien

1990 various artists - Goobers (TecTones)

1984 SnakefingerŐs History of the Blues (Rough Trade Deutschland)

1979 Robin Williams - Reality: What A Concept (Casablanca)



2002 various artists - The Asshole Monologues

1989 Joe Satriani - Flying In A Blue Dream (demo only)

1984 Club Foot Orchestra - Wild Beasts (Ralph, reissued by Rastascan)



2006-7                New College of California                        BA interdisciplinary studies/humanities (valedictorian)

2005-6                City College of San Francisco         guitar

1987                       NEA/Ben Krywosz                                                 opera composition

1984-86           SF School of Dramatic Arts                  musical theater

1976                       U.C. Santa Barbara                                            music theory and history

1973-74           Berklee College of Music                          music arranging and composition

1970-72           New York University                                            music history and theory, theater, computer science

1962-68           Bertha Keller                                                                    piano, music theory


Teaching Experience

song improvisation - TheatreSports (SF, London, Los Angeles, Ventura, Seattle, Portland, Austin), Tampere and Helsinki (Finland), Leuven (Belgium), Tokyo and Kobe (Japan), Ashland Shakespeare Festival, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco Opera Center, Stanford University, University of San Francisco, UC Berkeley, numerous Bay Area schools; private corporations (including Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen, Global Business Network, et al.), American Music Therapy Association

keyboard accompaniment for improvisation - Bay Area TheatreSports



2010 American Composers Forum Subito grant (for The Residents' Sam's Enchanted Evening)

2002 San Francisco Arts Commission Individual Artist Commission (for Smoke x 7)

1989 SF Bay Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery (GOLDIE) Award

1987 Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary Song Contest, 1st Prize - "Lady of the Bay" [with Staton Rabin]

1986 Bay Area Critics' Circle Best Score nomination - Reverence for the Dead [with David Schein]

1979, 1980, 1982 Cabaret Gold Awards [with The Rick & Ruby Show]